The UPTIME Energy Drink has a rich history that most of its current fans don’t know about. Originally founded as a supplements line in 1985, UPTIME’s proprietary formula and signature multi-pack of natural, herbal tablets found a loyal following amongst some of the generation’s most performance-driven athletes, entrepreneurs, personalities and even elite military personnel. Their shared appreciation for UPTIME was its efficacy – a smart, measured dose of caffeine and natural ingredients that offered the ‘ideal energy.’ That blend of functionally-driven ingredients ultimately became the foundation of the brand’s popular energy drink lineup.

When Ben Kim and Carrie Kim purchased UPTIME in 2012, they did so knowing their true roles: to be stewards of the UPTIME brand and to introduce its legacy formula and refreshing energy drink to the next generation of achievers.

In 2014, Ben and Carrie re-introduced UPTIME to the market with a sleek, stylish new package design, but with the same delicious, refreshing beverage that was already beloved amongst so many.

Today, UPTIME Energy is one of the emerging better-for-you beverage brands in the US and was again recognized by Inc. as one of the best and fastest growing businesses in the country. With a loyal following amongst ambitious, focused and health-conscious achievers in a broad range of industries, the brand is becoming the new go-to energy drink for people who recognize that UPTIME’s formulation and caffeine are exactly what they need, when they need to do more and do it better.